Open Water Diver
Will provide you with knowledge and the skills you will need to safely visit the underwater world. The course is divided into these segments: Academic training, Confined Water training and Openwater training. Academic training takes place at your time using the CD Rom course. Confined Water training takes place in a pool or a confined water environment. The Openwater training allows you to demonstrate your mastery of these skills and practice them in typical diving situation. We offer different types of courses: 1) Home Study: CD-Rom Course 2) Group Course 3) Semi Private Course 4) Private Course. Give us a call or emai usl at for more information on pricing or dates. See 2010 Schedule

Advanced Open Water Diver
This course helps to develop your underwater skills and gives you a taste of specialty diving activities. The course accommodates many different interesting areas like underwater navigation, deep diving, drift diving, boat diving, underwater naturalist and many other areas popular to your diving needs. The course consists of academic training and five openwater training dives. We offer the variations of the Advanced Openwater diver course. Give us a call or email us at for pricing or dates. See 2010 Schedule

Nitrox Diver
The nitrox diver course is designed to educate you on the use and handling of nitrox. In this course it is also included the physics, physiology and pathology of nitrox, using oxygen safety, and the analysis of nitrox mixtures and other gas physiology that relate to nitrox diving. Gice us a call or email us at See 2010 Schedule

Specialty Diver
The purpose of the specialty diver course is to familiarize divers with the skills, knowledge, planning, organization, procedures, techniques, problems and hazards for various special interest areas in diving. We offer numerous different specialties like: Wreck diving, Deep diving, Night diving, Drift diving and many others. Give us a call or email us at for pricing or dates.

Rescue Diver
The course is divided into knowledge development and openwater training. The knowledge development portion develops the principles and information you need for preventing and handling dive emergencies with topics including self rescue, diver stress, diving first aid, emergency management, equipment problems, rescue and assistance procedure for both conscious and unconscious victims on the surface or underwater. During openwater training you will apply the knowledge you have learned to your developing rescue skills. You will learn to use your knowledge to fit the situation: your physical attributes, those of the victim and the nature of the diving environment. Give us a call or email us at for pricing or dates. See 2010 Schedule

This course is designed for those who decide that scuba diving can be more than a recreational endeavor and might be interested in the professional potential it may hold. This course may be the beginning of a journey that may take you to the level of Open Water Scuba Instructor. The Divemaster course consists of these modules: Knowledge Development, Water Skills and Stamina, and Practical Application. The schedule will depend on your needs and the instructors needs, local logistics, and course requirements. Give us a call or email us at for pricing and dates. See 2010 Schedule

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